Any of you lot ever been in/on/under water?

Or any liquid really. I’d be really interested to read any tales or anecdotes you have about being in/on or under water.

I, for example, just had a bath

What’s everyone’s favourite liquid?

i had to once escape from a helicopter that had been purposefully dunked underwater in a huge pool of water in a simulated helicopter ditching into the north sea.


For me, it’s difficult to look much further than water


Wow that’s gotta hurt!

I like peanut butter

I don’t really like peanut butter that much, more of a Marmite XO fan really

You must have a resilient mouth

You might think so but I’d actually say I have one of the least resillient mouths in our realm! If asked the question “what is the area of your body that hurts most commonly?” my answer would truthfully be “my mouth”

I’ve been in, on AND under water. What are you gonna do about it?

Said the sailor to the… other sailor!!!

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Maybe because of all the Marmite XO you’re pouring in there?

Hey, what am I, chopped liver?

CW death

My uncle died in a helicopter crash coming off a rig in the north sea in the 80s. Sounds really horrid. Hope you never have to experience that for real.

Sorry to bring the tone of the thread down


Yeah, also S&V Pringles

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I dunno, are you?

If we’re talking a LOT of water (and I think we might be), then I’d like you to know I’ve been on boats that sailed across a little thing called the English Channel, oh yes.


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ANY amount of ANY liquid

Hahaha, yeah! AHOY THERE!