Any of you lot ever had Doctor Pepper? - A simple "Yes" or "No" will suffice - THREAD CLOSED

getting a big kick reading Charles T Pepper to the tune of Dr Pepper’s jingle

I’m doing so in a very disrespectful way

Do you remember when Peartiser was about? A wonderful drink but that name DOES NOT WORK

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I do. It was an interesting experiment, but not one in care to retread.



I quite liked Peartiser, has anyone discussed that? Is that still a thing? Did I make it up?

Now I want some appetiser, though.

can’t believe i’ve been muted like this

You expect me to read the entirety of this thread? I’ve got things to do, places to be! (Sleep / my bed, in this case)

literally 4 posts back :smiley:

Yeah but that means it’s like loooads of posts down. Anyway, you’re my Peartiser buddy we should get a pear of matching pear tattoos! (We shouldn’t)

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Is this thread closed, then? @The_Respected_User please advise, it’s all a bit confusing.

Don’t remember posting in it, so maybe it’s a ghost thread.

The thread has come to it’s creative conclusion.

Any administrative laziness regarding its actual status is disappointing but irrelevant.

Reckon there’s been no conclusion wrt Peartiser.

  1. Has anyone else drunk it?
  2. Can you still get it?
  3. Anyone else want to get pear tattoos?

An important update on this. It turns out this was true. The ‘r’ was only added in 2001 after an agreement between Tizer and Appletise that the public weren’t dumb enough to confuse the two drinks.

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Was Peartiser ever known as Peartise?


Remember enjoying a can of Fantar as a child before Santa saw sense

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Mundane observations about Appletise(r) ahoy!

Think it’s probably the drink I have ordered in a pub the most in my life as I will vary what I drink but my wife always drinks Appletise(r) so I’ve ordered it a lot in my life.

Despite this, I still suffer a real crisis of confidence every time I’m ordering as I start to second guess myself about what it’s actually called and whether that terminal ‘r’ is real or a figment of my unhinged imagination.