Any of you lot ever had Doctor Pepper? - A simple "Yes" or "No" will suffice - THREAD CLOSED

Could go an appletiser right now

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I’ll be honest, every time I see the word “pepper” now, my first thought is

Rowwwdy Roddy Peeeeeepeerr

has anyone ever started a thread about if people have had Dr. Pepper?

It’s impossible to tell.

I felt like this would be the right thread to ask, given that Appletiser is also a carbonated beverage

@The_Respected_User, thanks for starting this thread and keeping it going!


Yes, but I’m yet to try the cousin of Dr Pepper, Prof. Peppy


The Berry one is very good. As is the cherry vanilla variant.

Dr Pepper is good, can confirm.

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Anyone else here like Turkish Pepper?


Really banging stuff - I have a friend who always brings me a bag when he visits from Sweden.

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If it was truly closed then I’d respect that by not being able to post in it.

Is this some sort of secret control for the mkii lifespan thread?

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‘a salty liquorice candy’

this right here is the worst that could happen!!