Any of you lot ever worn a pair of jeans?

You mean full length jorts?


#starchtok is really good

I’ve seen stuff about bootcut jeans being back in fashion. I wore them in the 90s and will do so again over my dead body. What are people thinking honestly


you didn’t even list joggers, the best option for comfort and practicality

Yeah I was in the pub now I’m in the cinema

Hillbilly Rock, Hillbilly Roll

I call 'em Luc-Godards


I’m not a big skinny jean advocate, over any other type of jean cut or anything but I think mostly not liking them is an anti-millenial meme brain fashion thing but the ramones were cool too and when meet me in the bathroom comes out people will bring back some of those styles.


My main objection to bootcut is that either you go slightly too short and they look silly, or they touch the ground and then the hem wears out and every time it rains they soak up water up to your knees. There’s no in between. Never again.

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“Hi I’ve been a trend forecaster for 12 years working with major brands and these are what I think will be the hot styles in spring/summer 2023”

I have this technique whereby I search the jeans section but filter to corduroy. It’s remarkable I’d always thought they were trousers but no, apparently jeans, just like The Boss wears.

Did you read the story about that guy who slept solely on corduroys rather than pillows?

Used to wear those mad big skater jeans.

Excellent for a pandapop bottle of vodka in your sock to take to the pub.


Its not a bad thread I suppose

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Need to buy a new set of jeans, my Gap ones have all failed in the crotch, as is the way.

Are Uniqlo ones any cop?

No, I did not read that story

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Ahh well…heh…

It made…haha

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Well all I’m saying haha is…

It got to page 8 of the Metro