Any of you lot peel your grapes?


Just posing the question.


Is that a euphemism?


Only when the missus is out, you hear me bro? Yeah you hear me.


Don’t sully this.


This is your good thread on grapes?


i’m not a sociopath




No, ive started peeling Olives now though


at this time in the morning!?


absolutely not. 100%

I ate a load of cotten candy grapes last nigth. They were on offer the other night Sainsbozz, I’m not sure that i could taste the difference between them and just “grapes”


Possible separate peeler thread for later on? Compare your peelers/What do you peel/Method of peeling, that kind of thing.


Go with your heart


It’s all you can do


Yeah I won’t bother


I mean it must be a load of hassle peeling them, so fiddly and it just wouldn’t be worth it.


What the fuck am I, a Roman emperor?



I’ve peeled a few grapes in my time and eaten the skins separately. I think it was mainly to experience the slightly unpleasant but also kind of compelling texture of a peeled grape in my mouth.

Haven’t done it in the last few decades though.

Anyone still eat grapes with seeds? That’s fucking rough, man.


Keep talking


My ancestors didn’t fight each other in two world wars so that I would be eating grapes with seeds.


Yeah, you know what I’m saying.

Look deep into my eyes, ccb. I got a peeled grape in my mouth right now. And it’s all for you, baby.

It feels wrong but so, so right too.

Yeah, ccb. Uh huh yeah.

(Are you there yet?)