Any of you pricks got valuable antiques?

Who here is sitting on a small fortune?

Got a massive millions of years old fossil. Pretty cool huh?

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Really? How much do you reckon it’s worth?

By the don’t I don’t know where you’s live, calm down

No, I’m pretty sure I’m the oldest thing in the house.


This realisation has depressed me


Same here. Fucking hell.

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I am older than my house.


The only “antique” I’ve got is a wooden stool my great-grandad rescued from his local when it was knocked down for a road-widening scheme in the 1960s. I can’t imagine it’s valuable in the slightest.

If i did i wouldn’t still be posting on here, that’s for sure

Would be posting on


Got an old style singer sewing machine, which is nice. But then you go into any all saints and there are about 80 of them glued to the wall so probably not that valuable.


Probably nothing at all, everybody’s got a big fossil or two I bet. My uncle got it from a quarry back in the 50s I believe.

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Himself has the fancy My Bloody Valentine record, that’s about as close as we get.

Unless all my free promo t shirts from club nights at various Liquid and Envy nightclubs around the midlands suddenly become prized.

Mum & dad have had one of these since the sixties

Been in the same place in their kitchen my whole life. Family pride & joy. Worth some thousands I think but they’ll never sell. Happy memories.

Edit: that is not our jukebox/kitchen


The in laws have. Their house is a grade ii listed building, and it’s got some old murals inside, and there’s a weird thing that they can get maintenance grants for them in return for having an English Heritage open day in their house.

The closest I own is my mum’s old original Beatles records (although according to Discogs, some of my old 90s Britpop LPs are worth more these days).

Saw an old manual one in a charity shop a couple of years ago for £30. Had to tear myself away because I don’t have room for a 3rd sewing machine and it’s not like it would get any use

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My dad has an engraved pocket watch that belonged to his great aunt.


It was given to her by a director of the Woolworth Company (the American one) when she was a model in London in the 30s and they had a relationship. After he gave her the watch he asked her to move to New York with him but she couldn’t cause she was raising my grandma (her niece) and siblings and on the boat back to New York he hung himself in his cabin.


:grimacing: :grimacing:


Got a very small (smaller than a4) oil painting by a famous Irish artist (can’t remember which) than my grandmother gave me. I think the last time I looked up something similar by the same artist it was worth £1k-ish. I have no interest in it really and didn’t want to sell it on while she was alive so I might take it to an auction place for a guide price when things have settled a bit

I have a 2012 Nissan Sentra that should fetch me about a grand.