Any of you pricks know where I can get hold of some challah bread?

dunno. Might try making some at the weekend though: cheers!

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a bakery?

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Fancy popping some in the post for me?

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Either at the home of the family in Friday Night Dinners or the bakeries in Seinfeld or the Plot Against America.

Kosher bakery, maybe some deliver




I think Gail’s bakery does it if you’ve got one anywhere near.

No bread for you!

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I’m happy to help if this is a genuine question.

Yeah I was going to say “the kosher section of most main supermarkets, m8 or your local kosher deli” but then I saw it was a Jordan thread. :sob:


Not really in the mood for casual anti-semitism so was ready to release the late-night rage but then I saw it was Jordan and he’s good people so he gets a pass.

Also gutted if you’ve never had Challah, it’s fucking tasty as fuck

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I love challah too. And Jordan :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

One of our supermarkets started doing it in the 80s. I think Safeways maybe. Anyway, mum was always up for trying new things - I have this feeling hummus and feta cheese and tofu all made a similar mainstream appearance in that period and became staples in our house - so she bought some and of course it was great.

After that her home made French Onion Soup with the Challah bread (thickly buttered) became a weekly staple. Mmmmmm.

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Can we please not go there with faux innocence?

Really not sure how asking where you could get it could be anti Semitic. Feels like a bad faith accusation that Ash Sarkar would have levelled at her.

Here is me enjoying some previously.

Because google would probably have a shitload of results that would answer your question, and because you like to start silly threads which generally and probably intentionally result in puns and general hilarious japery. When you male the topic of one these a foodstuff that’s intrinsically linked to a specific group of people - a people against whom the rate of hate crimes in this country has drastically increased in recent years - probably not your best moment.

I highly doubt that your motivation behind starting this particular thread was to actually find some challah.

Also did you indirectly compare yourself to ash sarkar? Put the shovel away.


Asking that question isn’t anti-semitic, of course it isn’t. However, like numbers says, there’s a pretty fine line when doing a tongue in cheek thread that has the potential to descend into puns and mild ribbing about a culture and a people who definitely have more than enough insidious shit of this nature to deal with. Thankfully it didn’t go that way. And as I said- try Waitrose kosher aisle.