Any of you pricks know where I can get hold of some challah bread?

Ive never had challah bread. But I will now look for some in the kosher section of my local supermarket.

Local autocorrected to name of my local wanky ethical food shop there, funny.

It wasn’t a tongue in cheek thread and I’ve gotten several answers (including yours) :man_shrugging: I’ll check Waitrose at the weekend.


I assume all of these threads of yours are tongue in cheek- it’s a fairly well established Jordan brand! As I said- Waitrose. And google for a local kosher deli if you want something fresher.

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Don’t pretend you don’t know what the issue is.

You can get it from the corner international supermarket in Clapton.

Elif Supermarket
138 Upper Clapton Rd, Clapton, London E5 9JZ
020 8806 9422

Please stop telling me to fuck off. It’s rude and aggressive. In fact, I’m logging off now. Well done, you win at the internet big man.

holy shit. I was doing a search of the forums to see if anyone had shared a Challah recipe and found this absolute car crash of a thread. Crikey.

Bumping it was definitely the responsible move imo

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I got some in Leeds in the end by the way (the indoor market). Local Waitrose didn’t have them. Good times.

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Yeah realised that too late