Any other bands that have 2 or 3 really decent songs

Per album but have never released a proper great album except for Foo Fighters?

More a statement than a question

The Offspring

Actually loads of these bands.

Nofx, Bad Religion, blink 182 etc

Enema Of The State is wall to wall bangers, soz

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Anthem and Dumpweed are good, rest is a bit throwaway


I’d say at the very least the first two albums are classics that are great start to finish, especially the first.

I don’t think think they belong on the list either. Neighborhoods, Self Titled, Dude Ranch, and even Take Off Your Pants are pretty much good beginning to end (and better than Enema, “The Party Song” is easily the worst thing they’ve ever done).

Blur, maybe. Though I guess it depends on your definition of a properly great album. I can’t think of an album of theirs that doesn’t make me reach for the skip button at least once. Slightly harsh possibly.

Smash is a through and through classic.


arctic monkeys