Any other poor people here?


Just wanted to say hi to my fellow broke folk!


ok cool


Define people


i was going to say me but remembered i’m not anymore tbh. still have some weird poor people instincts with money though, like a hamster stuffing food in my cheeks.


Define poor


Hiya lifelong poor here. was in Halifax the other day cause they’ve introduced a new way of charging for overdrafts. (Percentage of the amount that you’re into it) meaning I’ll be paying £50 a month instead of just £30. The lady was really nice and suggested a loan to take out to cover it. which although is very depressing is probably what I’ll do. Anyway I said that I’ll definitely be on the same wage for two years during university and she said it’s ok cause when I finish university I’ll have a better paid job so paying off the loan will be easier. Someone’s probably got a better recent being poor story than that. it’s just my recent one is all.


having less money than you feel you need to achieve a basic level of happiness or productivity.

I’m not talking starvation level poor, apologies to anyone struggling to eat or with the threat of sleeping on the streets


thanks for your contribution :slight_smile: Hope your situation improves quicker than you think


Not sure if I am what you are looking for but yeah I’m pretty broke. I dont even have to pay income tax cause I will earn so little this year. Think my partner just about will. We’ve been very unlucky with money and had quite a few unexpected expenses and losses.

I feel a bit unsure about labelling myself as ‘poor’ cause I know I am highly educated and at least in theory capable of earning above average. So many people have said things to me like yeah you have to start somewhere! and make out like I have literally never had a proper job before or that it’s just something everyone experiences when they move to London.

I know this isn’t true though. The stagnation in wages and hikes in the cost of living /renting have become much worse and the labour market is very different from even five years ago let alone pre north atlantic crisis. I’ve noticed quite a worrying tendency for people to normalise this experience of poverty.

I also really struggle with having rich friends. Going out for drinks and my friend shows me the £400 dress she just bought. Seeing friends at home for Christmas and rather than celebrating friendship and catching up on our years, we marvel at how nice the flat my friend just bought is and her diamond engagement ring.

I’ve never been that well off and my parents were broke when I was a kid but I know I’m really lucky to have had lots of the chances and experiences I have, especially education. So I feel weird calling myself poor and sharing in many of the experiences of poverty… but I am poor.


I think I would struggle to know rich people, it’s hard enough on here sometimes, I try my best not to hold it against anyone on a personal level but it’s tough seeing people have such interesting lives when you are stuck with no future.


I really wish I had been better at keeping the money I had earnt over the years, guess that’s why I’m still poor


Empathise with most of your post, but this in particular.

I’ve got various mates dropping £500 on gaudy pairs of trainers, close to a grand on a new coat and constantly talking about the next holiday they’re booking.

Objectively, I’m nowhere near poor. But other people don’t half make me feel it. It’s compounded, of course, by previously living in Liverpool, Birmingham and Berlin where I was spending much much less, of course.


good job I love going for walks and listening to podcasts because they don’t cost me anything as I havean ipod and they are both great things


not the ipod wouldn’t buy one again


I find it helpful to remember that most people are poor. Even if we dont have the tools to support and sustain each other or to change our lot…


Btw talking to you makes it a lot less miserable


yeah, it’s hard to maintain or create new social situations with no money though, I mean if you are single and can’t go anywhere I don’t know how you can find new paths in life.

This must be a way in which being poor in a small town is different to poor in a city? I imagine it’s scarier and more hostile in a lot of ways but I guess you’re potentially in a hub area of different activities, maybe some are free? Museums are free right? That’s something I would do if I was poor and living in a city, love looking at old Roman busts and things


I’m very lucky though to have a friend locally who likes going for walks and doing boring old people stuff that doesn’t cost us money.


thanks buddy :slight_smile: Have to try and work through the difficulties of life, I do try not to have a moan too much these days but sometimes it can help to vent and relate to folks in a similar situation


Can’t afford basic home furnishings, any sort of fancy foods or any sort of records/books/cultural things I might like - but can make my rent and bills which I suppose is enough to be thankful for. It fucking isn’t though, I feel like throwing myself in traffic most days but that’s human misery.