Any other poor people here?

Hope you are finding life in Spain easier in this respect :slight_smile:

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You’re right, there’s a Nietzsche quote that basically goes something like if there’s a why you can live any how. A creative hobby, a job you enjoy, even fulfilling relationship/family links can do that. But I don’t really have any of that.

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Unsure on Nietzsche overall but that is a beautiful quote.

It’s cheaper for sure, but the only reason I’ve been able to move is because my parents took me in for a few months so I could save, have got extremely lucky with work, and have a massive network of family here i can lean on. Extremely fortunate and grateful for that because it would have been nigh on impossible any other way.

Fuck poverty.


that’s really nice that you have cool Spanish family who love you :slight_smile:


really doubt that’s the reason pal. you shouldn’t have to hoard a necessity for life.

yeah like many things it’s a mixture, I do feel I’ve done myself no favours with dropping out of university (not that a philosophy degree would have done anything for me anyway I’m sure),spending years doing a minimum wage job I didn’t like and making no effort to change.

I have 2 kids and a wife on maternity leave. So am pretty poor, for now, kind of

are you coping ok with the situation??

Only been properly broke for a matter of months as I was mega poor growing up, and there wasn’t a chance in hell I was getting to the end of the week with nothing to eat, or not being able to afford a coat if the arm ripped, or whatever. So I’ve saved by not going on holiday, never eating out, not driving and it’s only recently I’m a little bit more confident I’m not going to end up on the street if I buy a new pair of shoes.

It is absolutely miserable being stuck, and anyone in that situation has my sympathy.


Yep if it’s one thing being poor growing up does to you, it’s ensuring that it will forever be impossible to do anything but save for a “rainy day” before having to fritter it on shit you won’t enjoy.


Gonna restart the thing you were writing? Second draft is always better they say! Everyone except burroughs anyhoo.

I will not be very well off when I move out, but for now living at my mum’s I don’t have so many expenses which I am very grateful for. Will probably never be that well off as I have basically no prospects for full time employment :-1:

:frowning: try not to lose hope!

I’m still living off my student overdraft, the money I earn every month is never enough to get me out of it (at which point I’d have £0).

I have about £2.80 and I don’t know when I next have money coming in. 31st is my student loan but that’s all taken up with student stuff, I am working on wednesday but I have to invoice them and so it’s a 30 day wait at least to be paid for that.

wouldnt say poor but after rent/bills, i find it quite hard to do anything nice

I am dreading this period of life in a few months

Sorry I can cant afford to lend you anything right now, hope you make it through to your payment ok

A tough cycle, sorry man