Any Oxford dissers around these days?

If so, anyone fancy meeting for a pint next Monday evening?

If you go back in time six months, yes I’d love to meet you for a pint

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tbh I probably will - spending a fair bit of time in Oxford at the moment.

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New College, thanks for asking.

Sorry what I meant was, I was an oxford disser until six months ago but am sadly no longer

Who gives a fuck abouut an oxford DiSer


Ah right - completely skipped over the ‘go back’ for some reason

New College was founded in 1379. At least we’ve had the decency to change the name of our New Hall!!

No but happy to Skype in.


I use these days.

Is that a Harry Potter spell or something?

Happy to be summoned.


Yeah, to something that sounds like a sweetie eaten exclusively by the elderly.

murray mints are for everyone!!!

I’m the only Oxford-ish DiSer on the map :frowning_face: and won’t be about, but there are a bunch in Reading. Maybe go for a beer with @elthamsmateowen?

I live near Oxford too but I don’t feel comfortable disclosing my location on the map/meeting DiSers in real life with all the embarrassing shit I’ve said on here.

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I’ll be in Oxford for a while on Monday but am catching a 3.30pm train to London.

I’m in London that day, my meeting finishes at noon and I’ll be getting a train back as earlier as I possibly can, so I won’t ever be anywhere near Oxford but at least you know my whereabouts.

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If you arrive back at Oxford at 3.30 you might find me passing you to catch the train to London.

no plans to go anywhere near Oxford, but nice idea all the same.


I believe it’s been renamed The Cat Valley these days.

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