Any plans for your 60th birthday?

I’ll probably just stay in and order a curry or something.


Depending on the day, probably watching Coronation Street

Not yet, as it’s at least 35 years away for me, if my maths it right.

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I wonder if they’ll be a new curry in a few years

There won’t be

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Have you been to the year 3000?

No, I have not.

I have

You’re a sprightly young thing!

(Spritely? Like Fido Dido? Although that would be 7-Uply I guess)

Not much has changed but there is a new curry?

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I’m far too young to remember 7-up’s Fido Dido.

I’ll open many presents from my many friends i imagine

not yet, will probably start to plan it closer to the time


It’s a shame that after the age of… what, 25, there’s nothing you can’t legally do really. Blows my mind that I’m of an age where I could adopt a child or drive a HGV. I’ve not done either so maybe one of them.

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Can’t see myself being alive.


Access my Lifetime ISA

Go to the park and sing Tina Turner

wonder if they’ll still have those musical birthday cards then or if a new technology will have replaced them

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