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Can we have a thread for anyone to ask any question in the hope of finding an answer?

I would like to know the best way of turning something I have in postcard form into a print of a much bigger size. Does anyone know the best way to go about this?


Please elaborate

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post it to a much smaller house


I think there are enlarging options on some things

Scan it high def (obv) and then use something like Illustrator to enlarge it. I think.

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^tone trying to order a beer in copenhagen


I think if you took it into a sauna or steam room, the card might soften, allowing you to stretch it.


Is it a special postcard or do you think you could try to find a print of it somewhere?

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the steam essential softens the card

Hiya. Petrol heads.

Should I get a Ford Fiesta from 2010 with 52,000 miles or a Vauxhall Corsa from 2013 with 54,000 miles. Similar price.

It’s the Sun Ra ‘jazz is happiness’ print here (second row down, first column):

Have looked extensively online and even spoken to the owner of the print centre and he said all of the jazz style ones are extremely rare but offered to sell me one from his private collection for £thousands, so this seems like the only way?

Similar spec?


Newer one then, surely?


I guess. I wasn’t sure cause the Ford is supposed to be more reliable.

As said, you can scan it in very high res but you’ll end up with all the print dots enlarged too. I guess it might look cool but I think it will still just look like an enlarged small image.

But you can try. Why not?

Scan it at the highest DPI and quality to an uncompressed format like a Bitmap as a start

Cheers! Is it likely that a professional place for printing etc will have access to a higher res scanner meaning the print will be of a higher quality?