Any Question Answered (rolling)


Question for the room: What tattoo should marckee get and where?


Definitely a tattoo of the nurbugring on his leg:



Last time i worked in a print place, the drum scanner rather than the flatbed scanner most of us are used to seeing, is the really expensive bit of kit that can scan to really high res. Do you know anyone who works in print?




They’re running out of suffixes to they have to invent new ones.


I would go for the Ford.


I just drove a Hyundai about and now I think I might get that. I had a Hyundai before which was good and this one is supposed to be super reliable



Out of the 3 I’d go for the Hyundai. Only because I’ve never had one though.




I mean. Bought!


how is this?


Quite possibly! I’m only on mobile so can’t check. Thanks you though.

Also, FYI: not sure if you’re bothered but your real name shows up if you follow that link


ha no I don’t care…pleased to meet you.


always wanted to know if @ma0sm was really part of the insane clown posse fan club or whether I dreamt it all.


I was a big fan as a teenager


How come fridges have lights when you open the door but freezers don’t?


Drawers v shelves - you pull the freezer drawers out to look around, but peer into the fridge as is


Ahh that does make sense! Thank you :blush:


It is only my assumption, but I believe in it