Any Question Answered (rolling)


Which cooler/indie-r song has a guitar bit a lot like the bit in Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson, at 02.10 here:


In this age of retrospectively milkshake ducking everyone from Spanish colonial crimes in the 16th century Philippines to tweets Stormzy made when he was 12 that said “Vegans are wee wee heads”, who is:

a) The nicest person ever (or at least the least cunt of a person ever)

b) The nicest world civilisation ever (or at least the least murderous or pillaging)


I understand some of this post


Not got sound on here, but I’m gonna assume it’s the bridge that sounds very much like the bridge in Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?


Fucking hell yes thank you


Also they stole the hook line from The Dismemberment Plan


A licky boom boom down


Someone else noticed this too


Cut my finger drunk cooking last night, should I seek medical support?

CW: cut open finger

Looks a bit like Admiral Ackbar


(hope you’re feeling ok)