Any recent disappointments?

  • Unripe pear

Had a tonic water last night that was pink so I thought it would be “rose” flavoured but it wasn’t

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Was contacted last week by the family that own the holiday cottage in Cornwall we had book to use next month to say unfortunately they have to cancel our booking as the building work they are having done will over run…that was disappointing. Fortunately we have been able to find another one at short notice (was worried we were going to have to cancel our whole holiday plans as we need a house that sleeps 8).

This week I got dumped by the girl I was seeing on Monday. Then on Tuesday the house I was meant to be buying fell through, Then last night I fell down the stairs in my basement and hurt my arm. Good week otherwise though.


Most annoying thing recently though is that the cafe where I get my salads from at lunch has stopped picking the vines out the cherry tomatoes so I have to do it myself


first draft Craig David lyrics need work


really though I hope things start looking up for you


Did think this whilst I was writing it haha


The wireless phone headset at the desk I’m sitting at today doesn’t work, so I’ve had to use the standard receiver. What is this? 1994?

Had some rubbish aubergine the other day

Playing a show in Liverpool next month. Assumed airbnbs/hotels would be pretty reasonably priced. INCORRECT.

Undercooked? Crunchy aubergine ruins entire meals.


Yep. Cooked it for ages and it was shit. Ended up having salad and cous cous, which in itself is a disappointment. 2 for 1 disappointment

nice to see you back m9

no supermarkets near to me seem to sell Nando’s Extra Extra Hot sauce - used to be able to get bigger bottles of it, then just smaller ones, now nothing. Hot seems to be the hottest you can get.



Whenever I do aubergine it tends to be in a recipe that has quite a lot of ingredients, takes quite a bit of time/care and - if done right - is well nice, so when that ends being shit it’s especially crushing.

:wave: Hope all is well with you

My life :woman_shrugging:

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It’s still not even 4pm.

Very big news - work have been doing free pizzas in the break room on a Friday. Idea being people can socialise, chat to colleagues, eat pizza etc. Reports however came in that on some other sites people were being greedy with it, taking several slices and going back to their desk, elbowing people out of the way and being generally shit. As a result (and apparently because the whole idea has “run its course”) it has been cancelled. 16 Dominoes plus sides would arrive every week here now nothing, I feel a little bereft. I am certainly not paying for it again.