Any recent minor victories to report?


had to pay £12 to Royal Mail a customs fee for some records. rocked up to P/O to pay and pick up, paid on the card, came home, checked the receipt and it said it was declined. beautiful

stuff like that?


Especially as something like £8 of that customs fee was the post office ‘handling charge’.


woman at the tills forgot to put through my fags last night.


yeah man. cunts


something on one of my bikes was broken - and I thought it was going to be a real hassle to fix. Then it magically fixed itself

But then something else on a different bike broke, and I do have to fix that. So think I’m more or less evens?


got my uni to change some of its policies and practices (will potentially mean some people get better pay and conditions)
€250 Ryanair compensation currently being processed :crossed_fingers:t2:
checked in some free bags on my flight
oh yeah my ex boyfriend is gonna pay me back some money from over 5 years ago

  • my friend said she’d buy my bike so I didn’t put it on the market and then she didn’t buy it
  • forgot I had to settle an electric bill in the old place
  • all landlords are crooks
  • no job


Ordered two coffees and a carrot cake. Came to £7.80, Handed a tenner to the person taking my order. He handed me £7.80 change.


I feel really sorry for people who work in shops and can’t do arithmetic :frowning:


beautiful man! I’d be over the moon with that result, but probably wouldn’t do it in a small, independent place


and also shop workers who finish a shift with their till down and get fired.
I’d let them know, you’re all dishonest monsters!!11


He seemed very absent-minded. Either massively hungover or didn’t care.


I worked in a bank for a bit when I was a pup. my till was pretty much always down as I honestly didn’t give a fuck and was too busy daydreaming instead of adding stuff up




hmmmm… seem to be losing a bit right now, just about to have some coffee?



dunno about this. the guy will end up getting shit about it so i’d probably point out his mistake. unless

a) he had been arsey with me
b) it was a chain shop



A quid win on this Venezuelan match too.


I thought about that for a sec, but he clearly wasn’t paying any attention to doing his job properly. They had a barista to make the coffees, and the carrot cake was from self-service counter, so he had literally one job.




It’s still theft