Any recent minor victories to report?

Sold some crypto currency for a profit of around 3 euros this morning :+1:

used to work massive shifts in a nightclub - sometimes you just get so tired you end up making those mistakes. @Im_On_Safari at least at my place, unless the tills were way down no one cared. the mark up on alcohol and coffee is huge, and they usually dont spend much (/anything) on training, pay the staff min wage, plus the tills are usually old & shit, so they expect it.

Was found Not Guilty in court last Wednesday afternoon. I didn’t do it. It was the correct decision. But as a result I am skint due to solicitor’s fees. So despite it sounding like a big victory it is diminished by how much it cost me.

what did you not do? was it a sex thing?


You would say that…

That sucks though, always thought the ‘losing’ side had to pay costs

No, not a sex thing. Common assault. I don’t hit people though. I wound them with my wit.

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Actually, no, I didn’t have to pay costs. My costs were paying a solicitor, thousands. Having been found not guilty, I can claim back a portion of it, I think around 42%, which is the amount that the solicitor would have been paid if I’d been eligible for legal aid. But it’s still a lot of money that I’d rather have not have had to spend.

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There’s something wrong with that. :frowning:

There’s lots of stuff wrong with this world. This is a relatively minor one in the scheme of things. Though one that affects me hugely, especially considering I didn’t do anything to deserve it.

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Got a fat massive £3.30 refund on my Oyster card for some reason, will definitely be seeing the world this weekend!

I’d whack you round the head with a late 19th century lamplighter’s pole whilst riding a llama.

Sorry, I was getting a bit carried away there.

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I’d guess you were a bit delayed going somewhere on the evening of 13th September.

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Had too much wine watching Bake Off last night so was a bit late for work this morning. Forgot boss is on leave today.