Any recommendations/tips for Calgary, Alberta, Canada here?

Hello, I’m being sent out on behalf of DiS to this insane looking festival:

Anyone got any intel on Calgary? Feel it’s a slightly niche one but let’s see x

sledis land?

Sled island…

That is, if my flight confirmation ever comes through

Some mates of mine live in Calgary. It is fuck boring imo.

Also, plus 40c in the summertime and minus 40c in the winter time - friendly.

Go visit the Winter Olympics park if you really like Cool Runnings…

S, Le DiS Land?


riding the DiS gravy train, eh? fill your pockets m92


Our Father, who art in Calgary
Bobsled be thy name
Thy kingdom come, gold medals won
on Earth as it is in Turn Seven
With Liberty and Justice for Jamaica and Haile Selassie

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Had a look and it looks like warmest will be 26c but it is still only June I guess

Maybe see if you can go to the Dungeon…??

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I went there once.

Acceptable zoo if you like that kind of thing (you shouldn’t).

Quite close to the rockies though.

Oh yeah, this:

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Ha obviously gonna have a look for it, it seems like it might be kinda out in the sticks though!

Ok so even basic stuff like, I’m there for roughly a week, how much money should I take/expect to spend?

Check something out at the Loose Moose Theatre

Flown in to calgary a few times but only to get into the rockies, which I recommend.

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There’s an Airdrie in Alberta. You should go there for the bants.

Ha I saw that, although it’s own city just outside I think? Pretty sure the airport is by there

How easy/expensive is that?

i know someone who lives there, i’ll ask her

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