Any requests for bam covers today?

I’m bored and would be good to be musical.

Once Around The Block by Badly Drawn Boy please :relaxed:

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trying to remmeber which one that is, I’m sure I know it!

wow,that outfit!

good tune though


any others?

sk8er boi by avril lavigne

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Nah, I’m With You by Avril


are these normally called ‘Bam Requests’? Because they maybe should be.

(want to suggest a track but cannot think of one right now. Maybe something from the postal service album? Such Great Heights?)

Safe Home by Anthrax

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never heard them, I’ll have to check it out!

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also that would have been a much better thread title, I can tell you’re one of the smart ones

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The Postman Pat theme song

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Do Freak Scene!

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