Any suggestions for what I should do in my final two hours in this job?

Sew prawns into the curtains? (I’m actually quite sad to be leaving)

go home early

Stick a fish behind the radiator


Going to the pub with work people at 5 though. And I live 45 mins away.

Might go to the pub early.

A good solid 120 minutes of naff all. Don’t stitch your colleagues up though, they’re the poor fuckers still stuck there.

Yeah, I probably won’t be able to do naff all in my next job (teacher).

print out a bunch of these and stick them up


Draft an email telling everyone exactly what you think of them*

*unless you like them

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alright, 15peter20

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make cakes for everyone

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Top deck the toilets.


I do this a lot anyway, but now’s your chance to load up on loo rolls, stationery, that sort of thing.

take a selfie and print off loads of small copies and stick them everywhere so that people will still be finding them in years to come. They’ll be like ‘ha just went to use the spare stapler and look what colonel_getafe did ha!’ and then someone else will be like ‘yeah never liked him tbh’


Nice cakes. Not “unusual” cakes.

There is an obvious answer.

Open this thread up, magnify it 200% then shout “Guys! Come and look what I’ve been spending all my time doing the whole time I’ve been here. And getting paid to do it too!!”


Look for another?

“we know”

IT person holds up stack of paper labelled ‘questionable websites accessed by c_g’

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