Any suggestions on how to help people?

I can’t read most of the threads on this site anymore because of all the fear and stuff and it’s really getting to me

I should volunteer somewhere but I’m not good with people.

Music is worse than useless at solving anything really.

depends… you’re asking a very broad question :slight_smile:

are there any organisations locally to you that need volunteers? there’s always something you can do!

What do you care about the most?

ah forget it nvm


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Combine your love of music and volunteer helping teach/support people learn/play/record music.

Or volunteer for a good neighbour scheme where you just bob round and chat to lonely people for a bit each week.


(Long time lurker, first time poster.) I volunteer with an organisation called Goodgym where you run and then do a task within the community. You can register to keep an older, isolated person company or help out in groups to do useful tasks in the community. Really rewarding and welcoming organisation, do stuff all over London and lots of other places too.


Just registered with Good neighbour scheme off the back of this thread :slight_smile:

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That’s fucking great to hear :grinning:


Why not volunteer with pensioners? Theyd be notably appreciative and give you different perspectives and views

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Welcome wizard :blush:🖒

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Sounds great but I just couldn’t.

Ah that’s such a nice thing to say but it’s very easy from behind a keyboard. I agree though those people are amazing, I admire anyone with that much warmth for humanity.

Old people wouldn’t want a failed musician to talk to, I’m not relatable to the older generation unfortunately. I guess financial help is the best strategy.