Any thoughts on enlarging images? What is a vector image?

I’m making a board game based on travelling around the UK and I need an a1 sized black and white outline map of the UK, preferably with little to no markings on it.

I’m struggling to find an image big enough to just stretch using paint or another basic app. I’ve come across a £12 vector map which as far as I can see means it can be enlarged to whatever size is needed, but I’m not sure.

Anyone know what a vector is? I don’t want to drop a twelver on it for nothing.

You are correct.

Vector images are images composed of mathematical lines that allow you to scale the image from infinitely small to infinitely larger sizes. They are the primary used for logos, icons, typography, anything that might need mass tooling with in size.

The opposite would be a rasterised image which is most of the images you see that are made of pixel data that if scaled to large or too small will greatly ruin the image and so they are usually made for whatever size they are intended for use.

This is useful, so I think I’ll spend the cash then cheers

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Will I need special software to rescale it or will paint suffice?

Vector Mildrew

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It depends on what file format it is.

EPS files are the basic type (eg this

but you won’t be able to open it in Paint. Paint is only suitable for raster images. Things like Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw and Paint Shop Pro will open vector images. You can get free EPS viewers too.

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GIMP or Audiodesk Sketchbook are free

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You could try one of these (have never tried any of them personally)

Have you got PowerPoint? That’ll stretch vector images to whatever size you need. You could set the page size to A1, stretch the image there, save as a PDF and then get that printed.


You can send it to me and I’ll enlarge it for you if you like

This is good thanks, I have PP

Don’t buy one - I think I have some knocking about. 'Gis a minute…

Inkscape is my choice for Vector stuff - GIMP is more of a photoshop analogue and better with raster images.

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Included a couple of PDFs at A1 size but you can scale to whatever size you need.


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