Any tips for finding people to play music with?

Does anyone have tips for reaching out and connecting to other musicians looking to play together? After a long break I have the itch to play again but am now living in a different city where I have little to no connections to other musicians. Am in the process of doing the most obvious things I can think of (“Band Members Wanted” posters around town, posting in these classified boards, etc.) and have joined a few sites like, but the latter don’t seem very useful unless you pay for premium accounts, etc.

Thanks in advance for all useful suggestions, especially any that relate to Oxford (UK) in particular!

Before a last mintue speall check this thread was titled “Any tips for finding people to play with?”

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All of those sites are awful but i dont think there’s one good way really, just have to post on those, DiS forums, local rehearsal spaces, ask friends of friends etc. and hope for the best.

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Also everyone on there lists themselves as SINGER, GUITARIST, KEYBOARD, UKELELE, PIANO, CLARINET, etc player even though it’s like they played for a month in junior school so the search is pretty hopeless.

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Hugely struggling with this myself. Have been using Bandmix and Joinmyband to advertise. It’s a frustrating experience, esp. if you’re not primarily interested in playing fucking awful 70s rock covers in depressing pubs with a bunch of men 25 years your senior.
That said, I’ve met up and played with a couple of people via those sites, and it’s been OK - and I’m living somewhere that’s much more of a cultural desert than Oxford, which is a great city for music.
Probably the best thing would be to go to lots of gigs and try to meet people who have similar tastes to you (I myself am a complete failure at doing this)

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I live in Oxford and want to start playing music again

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What do you play/what kinds of music are you into? :slight_smile:

I play guitar. Mostly I’m into shoegaze/hardcore/post-rock etc. I’ll send you a message!

favourite band: Arctic Monkeys

cheers, good luck

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I have used ‘join my band’ on and off over a few years, and found it useless.

Well, to be fair, it isn’t the site that’s useless, more the people who use it. I think the pattern seems to be:

  1. Get drunk/or lose oneself down memory lane.

  2. Write an advert because you definately want to be in a band.

  3. Discuss online with anybody who responds.

  4. When the threat of actually jamming or rehearsing crops up, disappear completely or invent a reason you suddently can’t do it.

I imagine online dating might be similar I guess…


I’ve released albums of my own work and yet I still have no idea how I would do when playing alongside another musician. It’s something I’d love to try some day tho


take up folk music. part of the deal is that you go to pubs to join in on sessions which makes meeting people and gauging their skill level and interests pretty easy.

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I played with other musicians before I even learned my instrument, which is wild to me as I was a very shy and underconfident fifteen year old. Jamming with friends on a metal version of ‘In The Hall Of The Mountain King’. Would love to hear that now.

If you’re ever in Ireland you can come jam with us manches, I’m sure a MueseuM/Mute Branches mashup would rocket up the charts.

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Best thing I ever found over the years was to get involved in a local scene and make connections. Go to as many gigs as you can and you’ll meet people who’ll play or who’ll know people who play. Same with record shops or arts centres, get to know the people there and you’ll find people.

Some pals of mine have used the online method but they didn’t know what they wanted out of it and neither did the people who they met online either.

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Go to good record stores

Surreptitiously slip cards with ‘join my band’ and your details in all of the records that you like/wanna sound like


One way to find people to play with would be to live in/around Manchester and drop your ol pal TVDenimChap a DM


If only!

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This worked for my band in spades back in the proverbial day, but I don’t know about now. I’d like to think so!

Relatedly, if it makes sense for you doing stuff like going to open mics and so on really helps build connections with other musicians. Also obviously part of this:

A lot of it is about doing the yards and networking.

If I was going to try to find band members nowadays I’d be open mic’ing myself all over the place.

Do you talk to people?