Any tips on getting up early?

Might sound silly, but I’ve been offered a job where I’d have to get up at around 5:30am to start at 7am. I’ve been doing a few practice runs whilst I’m off and my body doesn’t play ball.

Used to be a real early bird and would wake up at the crack of dawn before my alarm went off without fail. After a period of doing that I realised it was anxiety waking me up and that wasn’t healthy (I wasn’t going to bed early). Been about four years since I’ve had to have a get-up time. I naturally wake up at 8-8:30ish.

I’ve got some decaff coffee in, am trying to get in the habit of going to bed at 10pm, might knock the phone on the head from 7ish. Any other tips? Guess I’m particularly looking for help with:

  • shutting the auld brain down when I go to bed (some nights I lie there for three or four hours before nodding off).

  • anything which might improve my quality of sleep.

  • getting out of bed when the alarm goes off (easier said than done).

  • anything which might freshen me up a bit in the morning so I’m not sloth-like (tried a cold shower yesterday, that did naaaat work)

Thanks in advance.

Doesnt someone on here have an alarm that can only be turned off by scanning a QR code they have the kitchen?


Put your alarm on the otherside of the room, so you have to get up and turn it off rather than being able to switch it off in bed and then just snooze

Finding sleeping hard myself atm due to the heat. Sounds stupid but the best way I have found to sleep is just to picture nothing in my head to get any thoughts out


Read for half an hour or so before bed. Plug your phone in the other side of the room and leave it on top of a towel etc. So when your alarm goes you’ve got to get out of bed and grab your shower stuff.

Radio alarm set to 6 music because Hawkins is fucking unbearable and you’ll want to escape his patter


Blinds that don’t keep out the sun in the morning have made me start waking up over an hour earlier than I was previously.

I’ve found going for a short walk before bed is a really good way of tiring me out enough to have a deep sleep and feel better when I wake up.

That said, I don’t think I’ll ever feel refreshed waking up before 9am. My body hates it.

We’ve got one of those lumie light alarm things for winter which I thought would be a load of shit but is actually really good. Were loads of them on gumtree when we looked, got one for about £25

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However easy or difficult you find it, it’s 1000% easier in the summer than the winter. Getting up in the dark will always be miserable imo


think you’ve got the jist of it tbh. its routine. and not changing the routine, which is hard when the weekend comes around.

people work differently, I prefer to sleep with the TV on, set to an hour timer so it shuts off - im usually asleep within 15 minutes :man_shrugging: :laughing:
have to be watching something ive already seen/know inside out with little to no peril.

quality of sleep - darkness, good mattress, good pillow, correct tog duvet so your temperature is bang on. again routine of not drinking too much before bedtime so dont wake up needing a pee.

getting out of bed, is just forcing yourself. knowing you have to… do this when i get up early to exercise. wouldnt kid yourself that everyone loves getting up in november in the dark to go running at 6am but once youre up youre up, dont make excuses or bargain with yourself.

think your last point all comes together with routine, feeling well rested means you’re not sloth like :confused:

It won’t help with your quality of sleep, but I recommend children for resetting your sleep pattern. There is nothing like a urine soaked toddler crawling into your bed at 4.15am to get you up and moving.

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One thing i find, counterintuitively, is that exercising in the evening does not help me sleep at all.

Guess it wakens up endorphins or some alertness chemicals or whatever, but I’ll be buzzing if I’ve done something active relatively late in the day. Really tired, but wide awake, like a caffeine buzz.


man that’s such a dis alarm :slight_smile:

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if i dont have to be anywhere I love that feeling :sweat_smile:

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Just stay up.


A few things I like to use:

Audiobook on a timer at night
SAD lamp with sunset and sunrise settings (gradually turns light on, alarm is birdsong not horrible beeps)
Gentle ear, jaw and neck massage (from a partner or you can do it yourself)
Have breakfast already made or ready to make
Drink lots of coffee

I find nice “carrot” things work better for this than self-coersion

Congrats on the job offer :slightly_smiling_face:

I thankfully dont have to get up early anymore though cause I’m naturally awful at it

I find that listening to an audiobook or even a sleep talk down like this one can help me relax when I go to bed.

I have bad insomnia that is anxiety-related much of the time. I find avoiding alcohol helps generally for better quality sleep. I try to avoid salt and sugar in the evenings as I find that helpful too.

I always find getting up early difficult so if you master that do let me know. Like, I can physically get up but I feel groggy for ages.

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If you are struggling to drop off after an hour or so, the advice is apparently to get back up, read for 30 minutes, then try again.

Both legs. Get completely out of bed.


Make sure your alarm is on the other side of the room, then when you turn it off you immediately go into the shower. Get a shower speaker if music helps wake you up. I find as long as I can get into the shower, I’m fine. If I fail that stage and get back into bed, my plan is fucked.

Main thing is you will just need to give your body time to adjust to the new routine, and keep it consistent over the weekend as well if you can.
Used to work a mixture of wake and day shifts and it was the absolute worst. Like a short road to death and constantly felt fucked. Jobs where I’ve had to consistently arrive at 7am is much better, though winter at that sort of time never gets better tbh.