Any tips on getting up early?

This says to me it’s been way too long since I watched Brasseye. I shall remedy this ASAP.

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Hey man, i sympathise. I start work at 2am Mondays and 4am the rest of the time.

I’m totally attuned now but the first week was a bit rough. Amazing how fast your body adjusts though so even if you’re somewhat zombified the first week you’ll be so much better for the second.

I use audiobooks I’ve already heard and

Fallen asleep


Sleep with the curtains open, especially at the moment.

I’m a big fan of being awake early, it’s just the process of getting up that I find disagreeable…

I generally find that when I need to be up (for work, or a flight or trip) I can do it, because my sleepy brain can’t come up with an excuse to stay in bed. If it’s not essential I find it harder.

I usually end up sitting on the sofa pretty braindead scrolling through my phone for a while after getting out of bed early. Not ideal (would prefer it to be a book), but it gives me time to come up to speed I guess before getting in the shower.

What can also help get you up is having a cat who comes and makes a lot of noise and demands attention, but that’s hard to line up with a specific schedule.

If your cat is as food-motivated as mine, if you feed the cat once at 5am you can look forward to being woken up at 5am every day indefinitely just on the off chance that it’ll happen a second time.

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sunrise is at half four now, don’t sleep with your curtains open unless you want waking up at half four imo.

I have to get up at half 5 - I swing from periods of being really good - straight out of bed on my first alarm, to just snoozing constantly and coming in late to the point my job’s at risk.

the technological fixes don’t really make a difference to me, you’ll sleep through them if you allow yourself to. I can’t give myself an inch on the snoozing. habits get formed so easily when it’s not even your fully conscious mind acting, both positive and negative.

this seems to be the opposite of what everyone else is suggesting but I don’t give myself any leeway, just enough time to have a wash and a brew before I’m running late and I’ve programmed myself so as soon as I’m awake I have to stand up.

it works until it doesn’t and I start letting the snoozing go and then I’m just late for 3 months in a row.

it is miles easier in the summer tbf

Aye, this is me. If I set my alarm 30mins earlier, I just snooze it. I know what time I can be up and out for a 5am start (4.15. 15 mins to dress and wash, 30 mins commute) and messing with that does not make any difference.


You can’t snooze the barcode alarm apps! It’s just on and off (by which time I’m up)

I dont think it even allows me to turn my phone off! :grinning:

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I got one called alarmy which was like that when I was having a bad time with getting up. id just jam it underneath my mattress and go back to sleep.

You just need to wake up after you’ve slept for an even number of hours. If you wake after 7 you’re fucked and in the middle of your sleep cycle so it’s really hard to get up. That’s it. Cheers.


I am allowed to start any time between 8 and 10

for weeks now, I’ve managed 9 maybe once, but 10 the rest of the time

today I managed to get up at 7.40

the reason?

I’m finishing at midday and going straight to the pub

so what I’m trying to say is that I am glad this thread exists cos I also struggle unless there’s some kind of big reward