Anybody ever been to Boomtown Fair?


Is it as bad as this article suggests?




I have heard of it, from a person who likes electro swing.


I know people who’ve been and absolutely love it. Atmosphere is supposed to be really friendly, it’s mad and full of drugs but not edgy.


Could find worse stuff at any big festival like Glastonbury or V or Leeds for an article like that tbh


Guy I work with used to do security there. Said it was always his busiest festival, drugs, theft, drugs, gate jumpers, drugs, lewd behaviour, more drugs, violence, but mainly drugs. Said they arrested 6 dealers before the festival started last time he worked there. Supposedly a good vibe, but yeah, drugs.

(It’s also on my commute to work and it gets right busy)


Forgot about the term “hippy crack”.


From what I know of it, it’s full of white people with dreads.


That’s just winchester tbh


Sounds smelly


Jem fucking loves Boomtown. When he gets home he doesn’t leave his room for a week.


Yeah people I know who’ve been love it. Druggy but really friendly. They also put way more effort into the build than pretty much any other festival - so if you dig places like shangri la and that in glasto you’ll love it cos it’s like that across the whole festival.


Me and @Ruffers should cover it next year for DiS. Sign us up @sean !


Appeals to the Shambala market, where the main draw seems to be the months of banging on about it after you get back. Former housemate went and said it was fine.


I’ve been boomtown for the last 2 years and have been there as a volunteer with Oxfam so I have seen and heard some of the worst of what goes on. This article blows it out of proportion. It is a quite a drug heavy festival but I wouldn’t call it depravity. Its not that different from the experience I had at Glastonbury this year.

Unlike what I’ve witnessed at Reading Festival in the past, most of the attendees are used to taking drugs so end up in far less of a state than those at other festivals like reading where the festival gooers are twice as keen and twice as reckless.

It’s important to point out that most of the photos in the article are quite a few years old, back before boomtown had grew to the size it is now and was far more lenient in general.

It’s a very unique and intresting festival with varied experiences and music with mostly friendly clientèle. Definitely worth checking out.


Sounds shit


Probably some legs in performing old ‘classic’ episodes/storylines at festivals.


The phrase near the end about the man “pinging off his bean” has really done me.


I’ve run a stage at Boomtown for about 4 years now and went for a couple before that as well.

Firstly, yes it is a drugy festival but that always tends to be the case when there’s a lot of dance music. Is it a real problem? Maybe. There are a lot of young people there who can overdo it but again that’s pretty much the same at every festival. The staff and welfare teams are very good at looking after them and also the crowd tend to be good helping anyone who’s really struggling, giving them water, getting help and finding friends etc. If you’ve only ever been to Latitude, it’ll be a shock to your system. If you regularly spend Glastonbury raving in Shangri-la then it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

It’s also worth pointing out that the Spotted at Boomtown group on Facebook where most of these quotes have been taken is a very tongue in cheek space for people to tell funny/insane stories from the festival. So they will be subject to a lot of exaggeration or just completely made up.

So I’d personally say it’s nowhere near as bad as is being made out in the article and it’s such an amazing festival from the performance and design perspective then I’d highly recommend checking it out some time


This has proper made me laugh, for some reason.