Anybody ever worked at Rough Trade?

Not totally sure this is the right section for this, but I guess it’s music related.

I’ve got an interview for Rough Trade’s eCommerce/warehouse team in Bristol on Friday and wondered if anybody had ever had an interview with them before? Got any idea of the kind of questions they’ll ask? They haven’t been that forthcoming so far - the interview has been pitched as a kind of ‘chat’ but it lasts 90 mins so I’m guessing there’s some sort of assessment too.

Any and all advice/feedback welcome! Cheers.

Blue >Pinkerton>all the others


No experience on rough trade but I’d say show enthusiasm and passion for the brand.
Good luck too!

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Let them I’ll stop going to their Rough Trade East gigs if they don’t give you the job.


Edit: Sorry, none of this is actually specific for RT but hope it helps in some way!

Look through the job description and think of the closest related jobs you have had to what they are asking for. What skills are they looking for, try to focus your answers on ways that will highlight the same skills.

Prep some stories you can tell when they ask some version of “Give us an example when you had to…”

If they pull the weakness question, think of something light but genuine, then tell them what you’re already working on to fix it and maybe an example where it has worked.

Best of luck!


Tell* them I’ll stop going…

good luck with it, sounds like a cool job!


All I know is that their social media very much puts their staff front and centre, which is encouraging. They seem pretty good at staff retention. Good luck and see you in there (I’m a regular) if you get it!


Thanks for the well wishes all! Would love to get the job so crossing all my fingers and toes too that it goes well.


We’re rooting for you, keep us updated!


For some reason I just recalled this thread; how did it go, if you don’t mind me asking?


Cheers! I’d completely forgotten about this thread too to be honest. I didn’t get the job, despite feeling like there was nothing else I could’ve done in the interview. You never know what the deciding factors in these things are; I did email asking for specific feedback but never got any. It was an extremely competitive job, so I guess they found someone with more experience or something. Oh well.

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Aw, that’s a shame. Thanks for the update. I hope you do manage to find something good, if you haven’t already.