Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



Weird they’ve decided to be more pop oriented but still give more or less every mainstream pop album a shit mark. Don’t really see the point, what’s the purpose of trashing Maroon 5 and also making it the highlighted review of the day? Also, surely there’s a million websites people are more likely to visit to read about Beyonce’s hat going for auction or Diddy changing his name. Do they really need the clicks from that? Is this how Conde Nast plans to maintain the reader demographic they were so eager to catch.

…not that i care of course :slight_smile:


Re: reviewing Maroon 5, not like there’s tons of new releases at the moment though. I don’t think the spread of reviews has changed all that much over the last few years. Obviously there’s more ‘What Drake had for breakfast today’ news stories though.


oh good it’s a feature length advert for Lil Peep. trying to think of an appropriate NME analogy of P4K relentlessly pushing this tripe


You’d think with that much advertising they could at least have given him a BNM


What a shit article. Pitchfork actually didn’t suck Bon Iver;s cock until the second record. And love the idea Koz is some kind of product of the 2008 folk revival :smiley:


Was going to make a thread for this. What a load of shite.

He used to write for vice though so…y’know


Pitchfork’s AOTY then? Will they give it to Ken Lamar for a third time? Will Mt Eerie bring the award back to its traditional folky outsider homeplace? Place ya bets.


Think it’s a tough call, in truth. Kendrick is probably the favourite, but they would hate to be predictable. Can’t really think of a left-field choice that would work though…maybe Perfume Genius?

Not Mount eerie…as it doesn’t feel appropriate…and not King Krule because it’s hasn’t got the same reception elsewhere


Like for the Sun Kil Moon bit :smiley:


This morning they had seven separate articles on Chance the Rapper’s appearance on SNL on the front page


Looking again at anything that has got over 8.5 so far this year, hard to see beyond Kendrick in a way, even though it would be a third AOTY. Nothing else really seems to fit as an obvious alternative, though Fever Ray or LCD Soundsystem could do it maybe?

Kendrick Lamar – 9.2
Mount Eerie – 9.0
King Krule – 9.0
Lorde - 8.8
Jlin – 8.8
Perfume Genius – 8.8
GAS – 8.8
The War on Drugs – 8.7
Fleet Foxes – 8.7
Vince Staples - 8.7
Visible Cloaks – 8.7
Fever Ray – 8.7
Charlotte Gainsbourg – 8.7
Run the Jewels – 8.6
Slowdive – 8.6
Jay Som – 8.6
Sampha – 8.6
Moses Sumney – 8.6
Kelela – 8.6
Julien Baker – 8.6
V/A (Mono no Aware) – 8.6
LCD Soundsystem – 8.5
Lil B – 8.5
Tyler, the Creator – 8.5
Thundercat – 8.5
Arca – 8.5
Vagabon – 8.5
Priests - 8.5


Could see them picking Lorde


Maybe, though it feels a bit too ‘pop’ (probably not the word I’m looking for) for them to make it their AOTY. She’d be a better bet for their song of the year


Exactly, it’s very pop, why I think it fits their current narrative. Also giving it to a man this year would be poor form, because they’ve all done terrible things. P4K is too woke for that


CAN see it being fairly consistent with that tbh


Their narrative is ‘we like pop, but we’ll stop short of making it AOTY’

…who are we kidding, it’ll just be Kendrick again won’t it


Plus the lorde album is genuinely really good. Catchy songs and well constructed.


This is great, from today’s review of the new Moz:

’ If later solo highlights like 2004’s You Are the Quarry felt like catching up with an old friend, Morrissey’s music is now more like scrolling through their Twitter feed and remembering why you stopped hanging out in the first place.’


I’m finding it really amusing and enjoyable that they’ve rated every single Weird Al album


9.0 for one of them!