Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



Pretty much the final nail in the coffin for the old Pitchfork. So many of their favourite acts of the past put out well received albums this year with strong singles that they haven’t included at all. Fair enough they want to stay relevant, and a lot of those songs are bangers, but I don’t really feel like they now cover my taste.

Bodak Yellow isn’t a very good song is it?


not a single indie rocker in the top 10


Been a very weak year for the traditional PF stuff (not that they’re all that interested in that now) so no major surprise of the make up this top ten.


Nothing too shocking here really:


GAS got 8.8 and didn’t even make the list :frowning:


yeah I did notice that, probably the only big surprise?


Other BNM albums that didn’t get in:

Visible Cloaks - 8.7
Mono no Aware V/A compilation - 8.6
Broken Social Scene - 8.4
Power Trip - 8.4
Brand New - 8.3 (OK, we know why with that one)
MIKE - 8.3
Ariel Pink - 8.2


they’re less surprising I’d say, although maybe it’s odd P4K’s is quite homogenous with the general consensus… maybe not


Yeah agreed, there are no major shocks aside from the BNM’s being left out. Kendrick is a slightly safe choice…but easily the best album from the small pool which could be their AOTY.

Good to see Moses Sumney at No.6


This didn’t go well:


lol lads what were you thinking


hahahahah the number 1 here is hilrious:


They used to put these lists out before the main one, didn’t they? Because as soon as the albums from their overall list kick in…you know what the rest of the order looks like.

Some good records to start off with, though.


Ask Me (Us) Anything!

Except that question…

And that one…

And that one…



Enjoyed this list. I dismissed the Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith album due to some early poorer reviews, despite enjoying EARS. Seems like that may have been an oversight.


There’s a lot of great records on this list. Think they’ve stretched the definition of experimental pretty darn hard though


True…though if it were a truly experimental list I’d probably find less to enjoy.


They’re devoting a whole week to covering the pivotal year of…1998?


Excellent, a chance to preemptively get angry about their inevitably leaving off Adore.


Will be mildly interesting to see if they discard their former adoration of In The Aeroplane Over The Sea and instead embrace some Conde Naste fuelled revisionism to crown some rap/pop album as the true classic of '98.