Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



Here’s all their BNM albums so far in 2018:

Beach House – 8.9

Kamasi Washington – 8.8

DJ Koze – 8.8

A.A.L. (Against All Logic) – 8.8

Cardi B – 8.7

Kacey Musgraves - 8.7

Saba – 8.7

Snail Mail – 8.7

Kali Uchis – 8.6

Car Seat Headrest – 8.6

Iceage – 8.6

U.S. Girls – 8.6

Amen Dunes - 8.6

Let’s Eat Grandma – 8.6

Skee Mask – 8.6

Mount Eerie – 8.5

Father John Misty – 8.5

Playboi Carti – 8.5

Sleep – 8.4

Soccer Mommy – 8.4

Jean Grae/Quelle Chris – 8.4

Jon Hopkins – 8.3

Pusha-T – 8.3

CupcakKe – 8.3

SOB X RBE – 8.3

Thierra Whack – 8.3

The Carters – 8.2


Haven’t listened to the album yet so I can’t say if the review is “fair”, but damn is it badly written in parts

There’s trop-house on “Standard,” but it’s been pulled apart like a carcass

“Love for Me” and “Just the Same” are the dancehall/house/synth puree that radio labels “trop-house.”

Pretty weird to use that genre tag off-hand to start with, only to go back and explain what it actually means later on right? Surely there’s more ways to describe that style.

“Tear my clothes off like I was a paycheck,” from Me , is a great and oft-quoted line, and it’s almost heard again on “Just the Same”: “I want you on top of me like a paperweight.” The repetition almost renders the first track less impressive

Don’t think those two lines are that similar at all actually pal


A 1.6 today. Like it’s '99 all over again.


haven’t seen them take a rock band apart in the lead review for being the antithesis of cool for ages. what a nostalgic rush


So what’s going to be their album of the year? This is all their BNMs from this year (not sure if there’s anything still to come out that might get BNM, maybe Solange if it happens):

Yves Tumor

Beach House

Kamasi Washington
DJ Koze
A.A.L. (Against All Logic)

Kacey Musgraves
Snail Mail
Cardi B

Car Seat Headrest
U.S. Girls
Let’s Eat Grandma
Skee Mask
Kali Uchis
Amen Dunes

Tim Hecker
Father John Misty
Playboi Carti
Mount Eerie

Soccer Mommy
Jean Grae/Quelle Chris

Jon Hopkins
Joey Purp
The Internet
Tierra Whack
Boygenius (EP)

Sheck Wes

Not sure if there’s an obvious no. 1 there, I think Kamasi Washington or Noname are the best bets


Cardi B will be high up in their list I suspect. I agree there isn’t really anything obviously stand out in BNM list. Beach House maybe?

Something else that I always think about BNM. It is pretty rare I don’t like an album that they give BNM to. As much as we mock Pitchfork scores the BNM normally is pretty spot on with the ones they give it to (even though there are blatant records that they miss). Same with Recommended Records on here can never disagree with those records.


I think Beach House would have been a dead cert 5-10 years ago but maybe not now?


Don’t for a million years think beach house will get it. I think low would be a possibility but a lot of other places will crown double negative and they won’t want to be seen to be following the crowd. Has that yves tumour record really stood up? Only listened to it once but wasn’t sure it was worth the fuss.

If I was a betting man I’d go pusha t - daytona (or possibly even a huge reappraisal of kids see ghosts) as most likely.


Don’t see any reason why Yves won’t get it


I have never heard nor heard of Kamasi Washington, but as soon as I saw that name high up on the list, I thought to myself, “that’s the one”.


It’ll be Mitski, calling it.



If BH get it for 7 it’ll be a bit like when Scorsese got Best Director for The Departed.

P.S. Teen Dream is Goodfellas, Bloom is Taxi Driver.


Beach House are like Scorsese if he was utterly shite I suppose


And if he made the same movie over and over again


7 is their best album since Teen Dream, 7 is The Wolf of Wall Street


Is there a director that churns out indie-lite Hollywood movies like 500 Days of Summer every year or two?


All these Beach House insults, curse you all :frowning:


It’ll be Noname for sure, mark my words.


Don’t worry, The Chainsmokers have got your back. They’ve named their single and album after the Martin Scorsese of music.