Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



Irrationally annoyed at the lukewarm score (5.8) given to the latest Mumford album.

Not because I think it’s too harsh…but the whole review gets really stuck into their beigeness, before giving them a score that is higher than their two previously reviewed albums (Babel was ignored) combined (4.1).


Bit of a confusing review in that sense, though I guess it’s hard to review a bad band making a different kind of bad music. And the author does justify the score being higher

Delta is also the strongest collection of songs Mumford & Sons have released to date; the cool-handed atmospherics and dreamy melodies here simply suit them better than any other sonic guise they’ve worn


That would be a fair justification…but I just can’t go along with it. I’ve not heard any recent Mumford stuff…but even the fact that they now talk about more electronic styles and “chopping up beats” (actual quote) further cheapens that waistcoat aesthetic they first came out with. If they were still ploughing that folksy theme…I’d have almost grudging respect for their loyalty… but they’re obviously no more than a corporate thinktank masquerading as a band.

In case it isn’t obvious, I really dislike this band.


Yeah, not heard anything since the first album, but utter shite obviously. On the plus side they seem to get less popular with each record so that’s something


From the wikipedia:

Marcus Mumford has said that much of the album was recorded in “non-gender specific Friday night lads sessions”

Fucking hell, what a tool.


I can happily ignore their music. The only thing to really hate Mumford and Sons for is Marcus Mumford being married to Carey Mulligan


They’re fans of Jordan Peterson which explains that


Its been a long time since I’ve heard a Mumford song. But its about much more than the music… which is actually kind of secondary to what they represent (slightly regretting not starting a thread on it’s own to flush out some Mumford loving lurkers)


Have you ever heard of Sting?


Wasn’t expecting a BNM for The 1975 - maybe they’ll be the album of the year!


Have they suddenly become not shit?


Figured it’d get a decent mark when they published that article last week with the singer deconstructing each track.


Yet more evidence of’s tastemaker status


And now an 8.8 for Earl Sweatshirt. Still reckon Noname will be No. 1 though


Congrats to whoever predicted it’d be Mitski.

Nice to see Amen Dunes so high up, think that’s been unfairly overlooked by most publications.

…Kamasi down at 48 was a bit of a surprise!


fuckin called it though didn’t I


what do I win?


Worth a listen. Ott is a bit of a centrist dad when it comes to politics but his stuff on p4k is real interesting - as is his general ire towards music kids who come from intensely privileged backgrounds


Pitchfork really do enjoy the music of Talk Talk, eh?


don’t we all?