Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



Talk of Conde Nast putting Pitchfork behind a paywall by the end of the year


This won’t work will it? I don’t think I have ever read a proper Pitchfork article have only ever read the news (which you can virtually get anywhere) and laugh at the reviews. Seems they would have to do better on the long form articles to get anywhere near being slightly worth paying for (which they won’t).


It sounds like a great excuse to finally stop visiting the site.


Yeah, an awfully hard habit to kick after visiting daily for at least half of my life, but this should do the trick


I check Pitchfork most days and I wouldn’t dream of paying for it. Can’t see who would


Can’t remember the last weekday morning where I didn’t check the new Pitchfork reviews within an hour of waking up.


Pitchfork sure love talking about ‘problematic artists’, don’t they? They also love talking about talking about ‘problematic artists’, too. It’s very strange. Is this like the website equivalent of a guilty conscience?


Basically everyone who was involved in conde Nast aquesition was fired because p4k made no money. They’re completely fucked because online advertising means absolutely nothing


Seems they’re putting all publications behind pay walls though, not just Pitchfork


The conde Nast aquesition turned sour in November. Chris ott did a podcast about it that’s on YouTube


Got a link to that?

I also noticed yesterday that they’ve started erasing the site’s history. They’d removed reviews before, but now the year end lists have been cut down. Probably, as Bruised Blood mentioned, some of their writing doesn’t fit with their new holier than thou image.


Couldn’t find the pitchfork episode, but started listening to Chris Ott. Such an asshole, yet very compelling at the same time.


Yeah he’s an utter tit but quite morish in a way

@FormerGhost they deleted otts stuff because he threatened to take them to court as they weren’t paying him for having his content on the site. Could be similar stuff happening there


Look at the state of this FFS

Never heard ratboy but this is bad writing lol


which ones have been gotten rid of?



A Brooklynite writing the sentence “Wetherspoons, a British pub chain catering mostly to chavs and suits” is the most Pitchfork thing that’s ever happened.


‘the wetherspoons’ kill me


the post-punk band Babyshambles



The full end of year lists pre-2006. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place, but they’re not listed alongside the others.


Still there if you Google them