Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



Ah cool.


New Ariana Grande will get around 8.1

Not sure about Bnm


Ok time to put a few up.

Sealford Mods: 7.0
Pond: 8.2
Weezer 5.2
Meat Puppets 4.8
Stephen Malkmus 7.2
Cinematic Orchestra 6.7
Lambchop 8.0
American Football 7.8
These New Puritans 8.6


Weezer will surely be savaged based on zombie bastards. Probably a 3.6


I wonder why they haven’t reviewed The Twilight Sad album yet?


Because they’re not some awful SoundCloud rap wanker who likes domestic violence and or child abuse?


Please don’t cut yourself on that edge


Easy to be cynical about the clearly impending changes but I’ve found so much music through there, and it’s still super handy for news. As the internet gets worse and worse I think this is a shame.

I finally, utterly, broke the habit of visiting this year, though, and will never go back - so habits do change.


Health getting 3.4?



jesus christ, that’s finally tipped me over the edge into unfollowing pitchfork. utterly tragic what’s happened to it as a publication over the last few years


Certainly not like the Pitchfork of old to take bizzare exception to a new album by an established band.


Wonder what they’ll give Panda Bear. Even his last album getting 8.5 seems like something that probably wouldn’t happen now.


Hasn’t been picking up great reviews by fans or media. Expect them to go relatively easy on it and give it a 7.0 or something.

At this point, pretty much everyone can agree the last two Panda Bear albums got inflated scores and you can only rely on goodwill for so long.


idk, those lyrics read terribly?

what’s everyone else been saying?


I really rate those two albums.

the earlier versions of a few of the songs on Tomboy were better, but it’s still gorgeous and distinctive.

like, if anything, they’re both underrated, existing in the shadow of an album as widely beloved as Person Pitch. they’re somewhat knottier, more scribbly. I think they’re pretty special, and a cut above just about anything remotely comparable - not that there’s really anyone genuinely comparable.


i’m not an expert on Health, but the new songs sound absolutely dire to me?


i’ve got an unpopular take on the new Panda Bear, and reckon it’s his best since PP. i think it’s because it has such a coherent sound across the whole suite that I find it quite easy to absorb myself in, and the melodies are just lovely in places


I think it might be his best since PP? Tomboy has some great stuff but some of the songs near the end are very dull, and Grim Reaper has a bit more going on, but I always found the production a bit flat, sort of levelling everything out into a mush. Buoys feels like a reaction to that, and o reckon it’s pretty successful.


7.6, obviously

Can’t particularly disagree, actually