Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?

Big call on The National there…that would make it their worst review since their debut (Even Sad Songs… got 8.4). I think it could be their best reviewed…especially since TWFM got 8.4 but has a few average songs.

The only thing that’s a bit puzzling is the lack of review for Guilty Party. The System… got a BNT, and it’s a good song but not exceptional.

Any bets on the potential score for the GYBE!? 9.3 for Allelujah, 7.6 for Asunder. I feel like the former is over-rated there (8/10 for me) while the latter is rated somewhat on par with what I’d give it, but if the info on the new album is true, I’m not sure GYBE! really works that well in relatively shorter lengths.

their 5.6 rating for Yanqui is nuts though.

Has the GY!BE even been confirmed as happening yet?

I can’t believe there are at least two people out there who think Pitchfork are going to score the new Everything Everything record higher than Kesha.

Let’s come back in a few weeks and compare both Pitchfork and DiS scores for each album… :wink:

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not officially, though it seems like lately they haven’t made any announcements until like a month before the album drops. Everything looked pretty official otherwise and the announcement was hosted on a distribution(?) site.

yeah some of these scores seem to be Pitchfork circa 2005. Kesha’s getting at least a 7.5.

Yeah…this was based on me believing they scored Get to Heaven higher than they did (because its a superior album to Arc).

However, they’ve yet to review a Kesha album, so it might not be a comparison we can make.

they reviewed one of her recent tracks. Not BNM’d or anything, but an album review will likely happen, especially in light of all the coverage they’ve given her lawsuit against Dr. Luke.

No chance. 6.2


General rule of thumb: Mainstream pop album reviewed on Pitchfork = score of 6.0-7.9

true, though I still think it’ll be on the higher end of that spectrum, especially factoring in The Narrative.

Why do you think that?

By DiS do you mean this thread or the actual website?

I think Chelsea Wolfe will be at least an 8, partly because it’s good but also she’s effectively made a slower Converge album

Based on that one track, think it’ll focus on how it’s an angus solo record and isnt as inventive as their others.

Can’t see The National getting that high

Reckon they’ll go for a slightly better score than Trouble Will Find Me on that one: 8.6 BNM.

It is pretty inventive though…

Alright, review man

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it’s got a cool concept (I.e disappear to the bush, record a load of nature and then write some sample based songs over it about the dissolution of his band)

Kesha gets 6.8