Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



I don’t think they aggregate scores. I think the editors pick a score and then they get someone to write a review that matches it. For the big releases


Ah, weird






Bets on the new Swift? Will it even be reviewed at all?


They will do this time surely. Still baffled that they didn’t review 1989 and then had it in their Albums of the Year!

Prediction: 7.7


music journalism is a complete farce anyways.


Iron & Wine - 7.5

Higher than I predicted, but I’m pleased I was wrong


Cool cheers for shitting on my profession!


“music journalism is dead” comes about as often as “rock is dead” these days. I wouldn’t worry :slight_smile:


The War on Drugs tomorrow then. I’m going with a solid 9.0


War on Drugs gets 8.7 BNM. A few people were close with that one.


EMA - 8.0


Is that your prediction or the actual score?

It’s a good album. 8/10 is about right.




QOTSA - 6.9
Liars - 7.5


They seem to cover everything Mac De Marco does in such great detail. The lad must have shares in Conde Nast


He is pretty much in Pitchfork’s wheelhouse when it comes to his music, plus he’s entertainingly mad.


No idea why they have reviewed the XXXtentacion album today. Especially with nonsense like this in the review:


Feels like a real double standard in place here. Why drop the PWR BTTM review but still review someone like this? Shouldn’t be giving any attention to artists that assault people.


New National’s got 7.9 written all over it hasn’t it. Can smell it from here.