Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



Imagine they pulled the PWR BTTM review because they had been ready to drop a big score on them and knew it would be ridiculous and hypocritical to suddenly give it a 3.2 and a sad face.


LCD Soundsystem - 8.5 BNM


Some of you called it… The National - 8.0

Still a pretty big surprise…though only Pitchfork can give an album 8 and it be seen as a big disappointment.


The idea that the turgid LCD album is better than this though is annoying.


0.1 out dammit.


Pitchfork mercilessly slaying their sacred indie BNM cows. Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear and now The National


Arcade Fire absolutely deserved it though. I harped on about this upthread…but LCD should’ve been added to your list.


The LCD album is good m7. Considerably better than the last one they did, which was one of pitchfork’s albums of the decade so far.

Not heard the National album, but I’ve been falling out of love with them since Boxer. Sure it’s fine though. Arcade Fire was truly awful. Just wanted to point out that a few of the only indie bands left with ironclad BNM status had lost it


Agree to disagree


8.0 is mercilessly slaying? Are these video game reviews now?


I’m being a bit silly. But the point remains. 3 of the safest BNMs in the game all slip


It’s still a good score…but it is still a (relatively minor) blow. Pitchfork are kings of damning with faint praise.

Then again, Alligator got 7.9


I know, and the same for my comment.

I might see what’s bagged an BNM so far this year (I’m that bored, yes)


That Vagabon album got BNM. I don’t know anyone that’s heard it or is interested in doing so.


Rating The National’s new one an eight reflects that they are currently one of Pitchfork’s darling cash cows. It was always going to be given at least an eight, almost no matter what. Therefore, all I’m really interested in is the significance in it not being able to earn even a tenth of a point above that.


That explains the rave review Arcade Fire got


By giving mostly good scores?


It is certainly true that Arcade Fire’s new album was given an overgenerous rating by Pitchfork, like that of The National. It is also true that it wasn’t given the exact same treatment, regarding rating. However, it’s a different type of album. You have to take into account Pitchfork’s readership. People who get music from commercial radio are not in the same circle.

It’s like comparing a McDonald’s sandwich to one made in a boutique, artisan deli. One is definitely going to be more popular than the other, but it still wont interest a gourmet.


Here’s all the BNMs from 2017 so far (they’ll count RTJ as a 2017 album)

Kendrick Lamar – 9.2
Mount Eerie – 9.0
Lorde - 8.8
Jlin – 8.8
Perfume Genius – 8.8
GAS – 8.8
The War on Drugs – 8.7
Fleet Foxes – 8.7
Vince Staples = 8.7
Visible Cloaks – 8.7
Run the Jewels – 8.6
Slowdive – 8.6
Jay Som – 8.6
Sampha – 8.6
V/A (Mono no Aware) – 8.6
LCD Soundsystem – 8.5
Lil B – 8.5
Tyler, the Creator – 8.5
Thundercat – 8.5
Arca – 8.5
Vagabon – 8.5
Priests - 8.5
Broken Social Scene – 8.4
The xx – 8.4
Jay-Z – 8.4
SZA - 8.4
(Sandy) Alex G - 8.4
Power Trip – 8.4
Zola Jesus – 8.3
Brand New – 8.3
MIKE – 8.3
Big Thief – 8.3
Girlpool – 8.3
Julie Byrne – 8.3
Migos – 8.1