Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?





Fucking hell did they REALLY give that latest xx lp bnm? It’s only September and I’d totally forgotten that it exists, it’s so forgettable, and I generally really love the xx.


It was January, maybe they were just bored and needed to toss out a BNM or two to start the year


I loved Good kid, but in what’s turning out to be such a brilliant year do they think the new Kendrick one is album of the year?



Looking at that list it’s hard to see beyond Kendrick for their album of the year. It’s not always the highest scoring album but other than possibly Lorde really can’t see any of the others getting it.


Do you think any upcoming albums might get a high score? St. Vincent? GY!BE? Destroyer?

Hard to see an AOTY (in Pitchfork’s eyes) there.


Definitely not GYBE or Destroyer. St Vincent is the kind of artist they’d love to give it to, possibly will if it gets an 8.5+


Usually they build hype around albums that are going to get very high scores (high-8s to 9s), so even though St. Vincent is a month away, it doesn’t “feel” like it’ll get much higher than 8.5 (if that).


only just checked out their Liars review to see they reference my interview with Angus… that’s pretty cool I guess?


Looking at their best new tracks the King Krule, Julien Baker and Kurt Vile/Courtney Barnett albums might get decent scores, but who knows.


We shouldn’t rule out ‘Everything Now’. Guilt can make people do funny things.


For what?


Missing something here


Just larking about.


DAMN is fucking brilliant you ninny


Blimey, who had mount kimbie as BNM?!


they ride upon the king krule hype train


The album he was on previously got a shite score tho iirc


yeah but King Krule didn’t have the /// h y p e /// back then


They’ve been hyping him the whole decade