Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



St. Vincent - 8.0

Calling it.


I think you might be right…she’s reaching the decline in her “Pitchfork curve”


Yeah this is based on the two songs she’s put out from it. Lot of press around this album because of her increased profile. And the fact this one’s EVEN MORE about sex than the last ones guys but… the new songs seem to lack a bit of edge. 8.0 in their world.


there’s something depressing about people predicting disappointment with an 8/10 score.


Don’t think either me or @GEOFF are doing that…


No disappointment from me here. I don’t like St. Vincent at all. I just think it’s quite a fun game to play for some reason.


nah I get it, it just seems weird to be predicting a fall off while she’s otherwise getting a very high score.


What the fuck are you talking about? I’m just trying to guess what score those twats at Pitchfork will rate an album as, because I’ve got nothing better to do.


Oh actually, I think I get you now.

Apologies for the sharp reply.


It’s just a drop off from their last few scores for her, is all


:joy: Jesus Christ Geoff


Ha yeah - was meant to be a jovial ‘What the fuck’ but certainly didn’t come across that way. So yes apologies much deserved.

Quite a thing making a tit of yourself in the Pitchfork Predictor Thread, I must admit.


8.0 isn’t exactly a very high score on PF anyway


King Krule and St Vincent this week.

St Vincent: 8.3
King Krule 8.7


King Krule got 9.0…so you weren’t far off.


Close but no cigar :frowning:

Looking forward to listening to it on the way to work.


Just a 7.6 for St Vinny.


hehe they called the Daily Mail a tabloid at least


Bah. I was on the right lines. Knew it would be a ‘lower’ score but didn’t think it’d be sub-8. Interesting Pitchfork reckon (based on ratings anyway) that this new one’s weaker than her debut.


they seem to be turning on literally everyone they were endorsing a decade ago