Anybody fancy a game of Pitchfork Predictor?



Don’t think that’s the case - if these artists are putting out albums which aren’t as good as previous then what are Pitchfork supposed to do? There’s no conspiracy here.


are they objectively putting out albums worse than before?


This is music we’re talking about. There is no ‘objectively’.


:slight_smile: all I’m saying is it’s interesting that the majority of other publications are still championing these bands whereas P4K are notably contradicting everyone else by down-playing their opinions of the bands and acts who they probably owe a lot of their success to.


Pitchfork’s all about hip hop/urban etc. now. Which is cool, but I do find their attempts to be the Wokest Site On The Internet a bit… forced? I dunno.


yeah exactly, there’s nothing wrong with shifting your focus per se but it leads to some weird results given their (fairly short-term) history


Aye, they certainly want to distance themselves from being an indie rock publication. Though it’s not a definitive trend. Broken Social Scene don’t really hold much pop cred these days, but they’re BNM in spite of that. Fleet Foxes aren’t exactly hip young music but they’re still hyping them. But they are sticking to their niches.

I think here, one notable thing is that she’s stepping into pop territory. And as defenders of that territory, it’s possibly a backlash from P4K to say, well it can’t be as good as Lorde, Taylor Swift etc.


7.6 isn’t exactly slating St Vincent though.


Think they’re just now coming to their senses with a lot of these crappy indie acts. St Vincent’s stuff has always been painfully dull, regardless of how many bells and whistles she attaches.


no, but everyone knows below 8.0 for p4k may as well be


Oh god, they have become like a video game review site!


All about context. Proabably said this already ITT, but 8.0 for one of their favourites can be damning, whereas 8.0 for a small UK indie band (or some random electronic release) would mean it was a definite AOTY contender


under 8.0 though?


Just came here to say I think st Vincent’s debut is her best album.


Agree with LB’s assessment. Under 8.0:

0 - 5.9: Shit
6.0 - 7.9: Varying degrees of meh.


glad you can read between the lines!


Generally…I find albums rated 7.5/8 just as enjoyable as the big BNMs


Yeah, me too.

Bet NME gave St V five stars.




8.6 BNM for Julien Baker