Anybody fancy some form of forum musical activity?

Dunno if anybody fancies it?

Monthly thing? Colaborative or (very vaguely) competitive?

Just an idea. Nwin!


Would be up for something! As I said in that other thread, it’d be nice to dip my toes into a bit more collaboration and that

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Would be up for this.


Have many of you played around with the jams on ?

I’m doing a little bit of consultancy work with the founder Tim Exile and it’s a really simple, free and powerful app they’re made.

This video explains how a jam works - you can now also use the desktop apps (they launched after this video was made)

This video from Kevin Drew explains a little about why he likes using it to make beats and loops

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Endlesss is really good fun and Tim Exile is an absolute GBOL

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I’d say yes but my schedule is a nIgHtMaRe so I wouldn’t be able to commit to anything where what I was supposed to be doing actually impacted anyone else! I’d love to hear what everyone came up with though

Maybe give it to the middle of next week in case amybody else wants in, then make some shoddy music?