Anybody here polish their shoes?

I did the other day. Too shiny. Only wanted to protect the shoe from the elements and stop cracks but you can’t get niche polishing products in Tesco.

alright clean shoes

Gave my Docs a going over last week because they were looking a bit scruffy after a year or so of use for work.

About once a year. I do my girlfriend’s shoes at the same time.

I used to polish them every week when I was at school. Who does that these days?

Is it the same date every year, shoe polishing day if you will?

could do with oiling up my winter boots

I have another pair of boots I put waxy stuff on once in a while

don’t have any shoe polish

yes, my work shoes got badly scuffed in a post-pub quiz win night out and sometimes get muddy, dirty or faded. i’d say i polish them once every 2 months, but more often if i want to look smart for an occasion

polished ma boots last week. always take the shine off with a rag of some description.

No. I usually polish them just before I need to wear them to a smart do or something.

never have, never will

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Juke at the very idea of polishing his shoes…



only for interviews

Sound like you polish them then unpolish them, which sounds like a giant waste of time

Try and polish my work shoes once a week but only get round to it once a fortnight. Got to keep that leather protected and the shoes looking nice and shiny.

not at all, a clean and polish to get all the scuffs and dirt out and then rub em down to take the shine off. don’t like shiny boots.

I just went to a bigger Tesco and they had quite a lot of niche polishing stuff. Lesson learned.

I hope he appreciated it

Know of owt good on this weekend? Some pals have decided to come stay.

haven’t been keeping an eye on this weekend or next as i’m not gonna be here.