Anybody here tried giving up caffeine?

If you drank a lot before I mean.

Was it difficult? Helpful? Waste of time?

Went down from 8-10 coffees a day to just a couple of cups of tea in the morning, because I was finding it impossible to focus on anything - I was like a particularly twitchy squirrel jumping from one thing to the next, and sleeping terribly. Worked out great. Much less stomach-ache and find it much easier concentrating now.

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Yeah, I cut out coffee and switched to Rooibos tea about 6 years ago. Felt marginally better as a result, haven’t ever switched back to normal tea but now I usually have a couple of coffees before midday.

Some absolute globe is going to come flouncing in to say something along the lines of people affected by caffeine are babies and that real men drink coffee before bed. Ignore them, whoever they are.


Something both my mum and my in-laws do is have a massive coffee before bed. They refuse to accept that it might be the reason they always sleep terribly. When my mum’s round ours I sneak decaf in her mug and she always wonders why she sleeps so well at ours. Baffling.


8 to 10 coffees A DAY?

I went to italy once and got carried away on the espressos and had 5 in one day and it took me about a week to come down from that!

Slipping back into bad habits of needing energy drinks to focus again and I feel my anxiety and weird intrusive thoughts are getting worse. Would love to be able to live without caffeine but it just doesn’t seem possible

Big fan of this


Yep. Basically didn’t have any work to do so would just compulsively drink coffee for something to do, meant I could waste a bit of time chatting in the kitchen too.

Wowza. Good job you’ve kicked that!

You’ve done American road trips as well haven’t you? How did you manage with the unlimited refills with breakfast? Because I did not manage well.

I’ve only ever had one cup of coffee in my life and I can pinpoint when it was

I have a cup of tea in the morning and thats about it, probably drink more coke zeros than i should

Gave it up briefly following a nasty virus last year and actually felt much better for it. Sadly slipped back into my old many cups a day ways, the ritual of coffee at the office or at home is one of the few things I can kid myself I enjoy.

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Old turkey SUCKED Headache, killed motivation, lethargic and moody and deeply unpleasant. Phasing it out worked much better than going cold turkey, I did this by setting a time limit as to what time I could have my last caffi eaten drink in the day and rolled that back an hour every week until I just stopped. I occasionally have an energy drink or coffee now

Very similar experience for me. Certainly felt much better for it than giving up alcohol (which I decided against after about 4 months). Have a couple of filter coffees in the morning and that’s it. Would be happy to give it up again, but don’t really feel the need.

I stopped after I had an incident where I had jet lag, was staying at my parents and filled the time they were asleep with drinking 13 coffees. Got heart palpitations, told my mum I thought I was dying. Was quite bad. Decided to give it a break. Haven’t had a coffee in 3 years now. Was hard initially to go without but within a few weeks I found I could focus better and then maybe within a month or two realised my anxiety and general mental health was much better. I fully appreciate this may not be the case for everyone but I found the caffeine to really have been enhancing my anxiety and making a lot of things worse not better so would wholeheartedly recommend giving a break a go for a few months to see how you feel. I didn’t even realise it was causing me issues beforehand really.


Yeah, very gradually. Not because of the caffeine as such, but because the things that have caffeine in started to give me a tummy ache.

You don’t need caffeine and it’s not that addictive. However, I dont recommend cold turkey as it will give you headaches.

You can try swapping out the caffeinated drinks for something else gradually, like decaf tea/coffee or herbal tea (rooibos worked for me because it’s similar to tea). Eg, if you drink 4 cups of coffee a day swap the last one of the day for decaf for a while, then swap 2 for decaf, and so on.

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hello. i am currently giving up coffee.

it is making me feel like total shit. i wish i didn’t have to do it. but it appears to be the cause of severe stomach pain so… yeah.


hey woah. tummy ache twins!

Everything gives me a tummy ache :pensive:

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Coffee’s started to kick my ass properly since lockdown began. Anything more than 2 cups (2 will do it if I’m unlucky) results in proper comedowny, moping anxiety.

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