Anybody here?


I haven’t made a thread in a while.

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I am. I would like to be watching USA Nails but the stage is too full.

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They’re playing in a tin shed.

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hi maosm me old china!

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Apples n pairs

The long walk to bed

How come you’re up so late GP?

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(sorry if that’s offensive)

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hey budski! Just waiting for my friend to text me who is sleeping over. He’s gone to see his mate now and I’m kinda just staying up to let him in when he comes back.

Hello team,

You all good?!


how’s it going?

You doing anything cool this evening/morning?

I just want my bed really, not gonna lie.


Yo Bam, gonna go out for some food and then off to see penn & teller later, should be fun.
What you
Up to?

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are you in a non UK timezone?

I’m going to make a cheese and marmite toastie. Kind of exciting in it’s own way

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hello bam man

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Cx2! Nice to see u! x

Not at all! Just reeling out the old cockney rhyming slang.

realised I’m part of the east midlands massive so I’m culturally appropriating another area.

Yeah, I guess so, interesting point

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In the states ma man :+1:

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