Anybody here?

what’s your local slang mate?

You’re a representative of Wales right?

which state?


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Yeah, though I guess I don’t have any local slang I can apply with conviction anymore. I’ve lived outside of Wales as long as I’ve lived there, almost exactly.

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I would like to go to Wales one day. I think I camped neeeearly in Wales once but that’s it.

Never met an unfriendly Welsh person so maybe I’m biased

Nevada, doing the Las Vegas thing

alright DiS. I’m officially homeless. got a gbol I can stay with though, life’s good.


something somethings Glasvegas


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There are lots or great places to visit in Wales, and some friendly folk there too, I would recommend.

Sleep time for me now though, have fun everyone!

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really sorry to hear that. I haven’t got much money right now but PM me if you are stuck maybe I can give you something through paypal or such x

gn x

Hi bam :wave:

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thanks man, I’m actually ok financially. my house fell through as documented in the buying a house thread and I’m just waiting for a rental.

you’re a good man bammers. I see you on here sometimes struggle with stuff but know that you’re a talented and generous soul, it gives you more than most.

from an internet stranger x


pretty hreeeeen eyre s

hi JI! Haven’t spoken in a while.

How’s things?

thanks man, that’s a lovely and touching thing to say.

Have a great evening/day (depending on where you are residing) x

also sorry I gendered you there, I don’t actually know what you identify as.

Making gaffes all over the shop this morning!

can’t work this one out :frowning:

Alright bam bam

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i have mis. typed pretty greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen eyeees

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