Anybody on here like Grime music from the UK? If Not what else?

Yo, hope everyone’s cool? We are relatively new to this forum. Anybody on here like Grime and uk Hip Hop music? 140bpm Stompers?

Mate I only stomp to 150bpm nothing less


My favourite 140bpm stomper :facepunch:

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Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

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Oh god that f**king stick song.


For real man! Grime radio sets and rare Rave dvds are where its at.
What do u think of the new releases out at the moment. likes of mez big zuu etc etc

I heard this on the radio recently and really looking forward to hearing what the rest of the record sounds like… Planet Mu • Red, White & Zero

yh thats sounding nice, proper old skool feel to it! what station played this one?

Yeh its great! It was actually on Brian Turner’s show on WFMU- always a treasure trove of all sorts of amazing music, but not often grime.

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nice1, ill make sure to check that out!
If you like grime music give this a once over when you get 5/10 mins. loads of good Grime MCs on their.

There it is, there’s the jag


Whats a jag pal?

Car innit

He’s a Jag


And have you heard of Sting? @ma0sm