anybody sensible still up?

looking for a bit of quick advice

am I sensible enough?


Long story short, my neighbour’s husband passed away over christmas and now she lives alone I believe. Not a very social person so doesn’t really answer the door much at the best of times. Just got back home and her dog keeps barking and howling, went out to check if anyone was home and her car was there and the light is on so I thought I’d knock and see if I could tell if anyone was home. Bit worried she might have collapsed or something. Of course no answer (but it is gone midnight).

Don’t know what my options are now? Call the police?! Really don’t want to get her door smashed in just to check and she’s not even there as she got a lift somewhere else and left her car. Guess I’ll have to wait until morning and see

the lights on, her dogs barking loads, her car’s still in the drive and she’s not answering the door? I’d try again and if there’s no answer, I’d phone the police. how old is she?


dunno 60s I would assume

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yeah I probs would to be on the safe side.

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Yeah, if it’s not usual behaviour for the dog and there’s loads of lights on but you can’t get a response, try 111?


phoned the police they said they might go

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right call imo, hope everythings okay.


feel like a knob now, what if they break in and she’s just gone out

not worth thinking about tbh. time is very much of the essence with a potential collapse. and the circumstances sound suspicious enough to warrant a call.


Right call. This happened to my mum or rather similar situation. It turned out she was in hospital but I’d never have minded if the door had been battered in.


thanks for your help folks, just gonna wait and see if someone shows up I guess


You’ve done the right thing.


Calling the police sounds like the right thing to do. Are you able to get around the house to check in the windows to see if you can see her at all? Just thinking if you see her having a nice cup of tea then you can tell the police not to come, if you see her lying on the floor then you can call it in as an emergency

they turned up and within about 30 seconds got a call and told me that she’s in hospital so that explains the dog barking. Hope she’s ok

Thanks everyone


like an emergency in hospital thing? glad she’s safe tho man.

dunno I did ask but they didn’t know, haven’t noticed ambulances turning up but then I’ve been out this evening if it happened then. Thanks for your advice buddy :+1:


no worries!

hope the dog is okay too.


yeah that’s concerning, she’s got a daughter so hopefully she might come and take care of it tomorrow. Like I said I don’t really know her/them that well, not very sociable

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