Anyone around in that LONDON 21st Oct for jazz meet?

sure, it’s fucking ages away, but it’ll give you time to clear the diary.

gonna be somewhere CENTRAL from 4/5PM. @plasticniki can you/would you sort this out? maybe that gaff you suggested last time? please bring your bike for drunken bike-handling fun!

it should be an OK night. talking, looking at things, smoking roll-ups and possibly eating snacks

no further words, other than maybe see you there


oooh I am free that evening

yeah, anywhere so I can take my bike on the train home would be good, so Highbury and Islington or London Bridge really

:saxophone: :meat_on_bone:

Would you roll me a tab if I attended?

sweet as a nut! as they say.

aye man, aye

Should be free. London Bridge would be perfect.

The Miller?

The Southwark Tavern?

if I can chip in a bit?

somewhere cool? food option? at least 3-4 ales? outside area for smoking other than the outside?

most pubs serve food tbh (both those I mentioned do) and I wouldn’t suggest going to a pub without decent ales

the garden bit is a problem unfortunately

the water poet in shoreditch maybe

also the alwyne castle near highbury and islington; these both have gardens

both aren’t really “cool” though, but ales a-plenty and food

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when I say cool, I basically mean no jerks

would make the effort but I’ve got to be in center parcs the next day so the round trip would be too much

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  • something about London hurr hurr *

how far is centre parcs, my man?

from where we are

we’re talking Glasgow - London - Nottinghamshire - Wales (didn’t mention this before) - Glasgow

actually no just realised it would be Glasgow - Wales - London - Nottinghamshire - Glasgow

thanks for reading

yeah, fuck that man

The Water Poet is very likely to be rammed on a Friday evening, due to its proximity to both the City and Shoreditch.

The Water Poet is very likely to be full of jerks on a Friday evening, due to its proximity to both the City and Shoreditch.

why is no-one suggesting jazz bars? sorry silks I don’t know any jazz bars

Possibly, going to a gig that evening (obviously) but can meet up for a few beforehand.