Anyone been in a submarine?

I think I’d quite enjoy it.

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Just realised in my head I can only think of military ones that are scary as fuck.

Yeah, it was a tourist thing in Lanzarote. I was very young but I remember it being quite underwhelming as the windows were very small

Well you get the marine biology James Cameron-type ones as well. And Stingray.

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The Beatles I believe.



went to disneyland florida when i was 3 (only time i’ve been outside of europe) and remember there being some sort of submarine thing. why would there be a submarine at disneyland though? maybe it was somewhere else

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Have you every been in a submarine?

  • Yes, on land.
  • Yes, underwater.
  • No.
  • My love has got no money, he drives a submarine

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But there was a good top tip once about playing submarine by replacing the light bulb in your bathroom with a red one, fixing a steering wheel to the wall in your shower and then showering in your jeans.


Yes, on land. The Russian U-Boat in Hamburg. By the time I’d walked halfway through I got really panicky and had to rush the rest to get out. It was horrible. If I was on one underwater I’d go insane within minutes.

Not underwater, no, but I have been in ones that have been open to tourists. The most recent being in Gothenburg.

Yeah loads of navy people and that I bet




I have never smelled anything so rank in my entire life.

I can’t say any more though cos of OSA 89.

do the ones at LEGOLAND and St Malo aquarium count??

Yes they do

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Does having watched Das Boot count as having been on a submarine. I mean it’s very long and very vivid.

ace. in which case I’ve been in THREE!!

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No, because that is a film about a shoe

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